Customized Apps

Flink Learning can easily and economically create custom mobile apps for school districts.

Organize Existing Activities

Flink Learning has 4,000 existing activities it can organize in a variety of ways to suit the specific needs of a particular school district. We can create grade-level apps (First Grade or Second Grade) or Grade-Subject apps (First Grade Math or Second Grade Phonics). These apps can include as few as 10-15 activities or as many as hundreds of learning activities.

Create New Activities

Because of the FlinkMake authoring app, Flink Learning can create new activities for a school district, based on existing activities the district has already created or the specific curriculum needs of its students. Such activities can include Spelling and Vocabulary activities based on a district's weekly Spelling and Vocabulary lists or bilingual Reading and Phonics activities.

iPad and Android

All of Flink Learning's interactive learning activities are programmed in HTML5 so they can run on both iPad and Android tablets. In the case of Android, we can even preload the customized apps onto Android tablets, providing a district with a complete turnkey mobile solution.


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